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Simple DIY Star Wars Mickey Ears Tutorial

Simple DIY Star Wars Mickey Ears Tutorial

Simple DIY Star Wars Mickey Ears Tutorial

In this Simple DIY Star Wars Mickey Ears tutorial, we will be going over the steps to create a quick and simple pair of Star Wars Mickey Ears. For this tutorial, we will be taking a cheap pair of off-the-shelf ears and modifying them to use interchangeable slip on covers. This is a great technique because you can make multiple slip covers for the same set of ears and change them out whenever you want.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

Tools you will need

Scissors  |  A Box Cutter or X-Acto knife  |  A Sharpie  |  Needle and Thread  |  A Ruler

Materials you will need

A cheap Minnie Headband  |  Fabric  |  Scrap Cardboard
The Minnie headband can be found locally or purchased online. I stumbled across this one at JCPenney for $5.00. You can find them on Amazon and eBay as well.
Gather The Materials
For the fabric, you can go to JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or even Walmart. If you don't want to bother with having a roll cut down to size, you can  check their selection of "fat quarters". Fat quarters are pre-cut quarter yard lengths of fabric that are cut slightly wide, hence the "fat" part. These are intended for quilters, but they are also perfect for Mickey Ears! Walmart had all of their Fat Quarters on sale for .97 cents. What a deal! If you aren't able to find what you like locally, both Amazon and eBay have loads of Star Wars patterns.

Step 2: Make A Template!

  The first thing you'll want to do is cut off the Minnie Heart and pink bow. The heart was sewn to the bow so I cut that off with scissors.The bow was hot-glued in place so a little bit of careful cutting and it was off as well. I saved the bow to be used on another set of Mickey Ears later on.
Make A Template
With the bow removed, the next step is to trace your ears onto cardboard to make a template. Keep your Sharpie straight up and down as you trace around the ears for the best result.
I like to trace about an inch of the headband as well so I have extra fabric to tuck in later on.
With ears traced, next you'll want to add another line about half an inch from the first. The interior line will be your stitching line and the exterior line will be your cutting line.
When you have both lines traced out you are ready to cut! Grab your razor blade or X-Acto knife and start cutting along both of your lines to remove the interior and exterior cardboard.
When you're done, you should have a fancy looking "C" cut out of cardboard. It's a good idea to place your ears inside the cardboard to make sure they fit properly. The cardboard should be slightly larger than your existing ears.

Step 3: Cut And Sew The Fabric!

Now that you have your template, it's time to pick out what parts of the fabric you want to use. If your fabric is just a repeating pattern you can plan if you want the pattern to be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. In my case, I need to pick out what parts of the comic print to use. I decided to go with Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader on the front with Han Solo and Chewie fighting Darth Vader on the back.
Cut & Sew The Fabric!
When you've figured out the pieces of fabric you want to use, flip the quarter over and trace the inside and outside of your cardboard template on the back side of the fabric. I also like to draw a straight line from one corner to the other. This outside line is going to be your cut line and the inside line is going to be your sew line.
Cut out all four patterns and line them up back to back with the outside of the pattern on the inside. You want your ears to be completely inside out for this part. Once you have them lined up, use a couple pins in the middle to keep them aligned.
Line Up Your Pieces Inside Out
Time to sew! If you have a sewing machine this part is a piece of cake. Just follow the sewing line from your pattern. If you are using a needle and thread, the process is the same. Just take your time sewing all the way around the sewing line. Make sure to keep your line as straight as you can since irregularities in the line will mean an oddly shaped ear.
Time To Sew!
When you're done, your sewn ear should look something like this. Now turn the ear inside out and admire your work!
With both ears turned right side out, tuck the leftover fabric inside to make sure everything looks correct.

Step 4: Fit The New Ears!

Now all that's left is putting the ear slips onto our existing ears! Gently bend the ears in a U-shape and wiggle them into the slips.
Fit The Ears!
  You may need to pull the extra fabric out to help get the ears fully inserted into the slip covers.
Once the ears are fully inserted, tuck the extra fabric inside and you're done. Congratulations on your unique set of Star Wars Mickey Ears!
I hope this simple DIY Star Wars Mickey Ear tutorial was helpful. If you make a pair, we would love to see pictures! If Winnie The Pooh is more your style check out our Winnie The Pooh Tutorial. If you have any tips or tricks, feel free to leave a comment below!

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