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Where to find materials for your DIY Mickey Ears

Where to find materials for your DIY Mickey Ears

Where to find materials for your DIY Mickey Ears

Are you looking for unique materials or patterns to make your next pair of Mickey Ears? There are a few spots that are a goldmine for interesting fabrics that you might not think to look. 

JoAnn Fabrics

Joanne fabrics isn't going to be a big surprise here. They have an amazing selection of fabrics in all sorts of patterns to choose from. They also carry the Disney Licensed fabrics and designs, and even have an entire isle dedicated to Officially Licensed Disney merchandise. JoAnn should be your first stop when shopping for your DIY project. Keep in mind, that while they do have the best fabric selection on the list, they don't carry many of the other items you might want, like bows, hairbands, etc.  JoAnne Fabrics


Michaels is another spot that might seem pretty obvious. While they don't carry fabrics, they do have plenty of other items you might want to buy, including bows, headbands, beads and adornments. 

Wal Mart

When shopping for DIY Mickey Ear supplies walmart may not jump out as a great place to shop, but surprisingly they actually have a pretty wide selection of fabrics. Seeing as they are the largest brick and mortar retailer in the world it makes sense that they would carry Disney licensed merchandise. Not only do they carry it, but it is generally MUCH less expensive here. I recently picked up some Star Wars Fat Quarters for .97 cents each. JoAnn sold the exact thing for 7.99 a piece. 


Ebay can be a great place to shop for fabric, bows, accessories and anything else you might need. There are plenty of sellers that will sell Fat Quarters in wholesale lots. The seller below has a cool set of Alice in Wonderland patterns that I've never seen in store. A quick search for Disney Fat Quarters should get you started off right.  


Just like Ebay, Amazon is a great source of materials for your DIY projects. I find that they are more expensive and have less variety than Ebay, but by all means search around everywhere you can.       

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