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We don't sell Mickey Ears directly. We have put a lot of effort into organizing and categorizing all of the Officially Licensed Mickey Ears so that you can easily find what you want and get it at the cheapest prices. While these aren't our products, we do receive a small commission for referring you to Ebay or Amazon, so if you would like to support the site buying Mickey Ears through us is a great way to do it! Check out our Mickey Ears! 
My wife and I have always been huge Disney nerds. We grew up watching the movies, and as adults started going to all of the parks as well. We have been to every Disney Park except Paris and Shanghai so far and those are still on the horizon. One thing we learned along the way is how much fun it is to dress for the occasion when visiting the parks. We started out buying our Mickey ears in the Parks, then online, and then finally when we couldn't find Mickey Ears that represented the characters we grew up with we started making our own! It was from this shared passion that the blog was born.
This was asked often enough that we made a buying guide! Check it out here.
If you need to get in touch you can email us at or use the contact form Here. 

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